Food Justice

We believe that food is a basic human right and that everyone should have the right and access to healthy, organic, culturally-appropriate food that comes from fair and sustainable means of production.

In the Food Justice Program, we fight for a more just food system – an alternative that values workers’ rights and is not dependent on the use of fossil fuels and pesticides.

We have Organic Community Gardens in NJ, PA, and MD which provide the space for people to: Grow their own food, practice working cooperatively in a group, reclaim sustainable agricultural knowledge, and build food sovereignty in their communities.

We provide education on Agro-ecology and Herbal Medicines. Members learn how to identify native plants and what their medicinal properties are and share their home herbal remedies with others.

CATA is also a founding member of the Agricultural Justice Project and helped to create the Food Justice Certification, a set of high-bar standards that when met create a just and fair food system for all.