CATA on U.N. Reform


Two Thirds Column

Excerpt from submission to the UN Non-Governmental Liaison Service (NGLS)

CATA welcomes U.N. reform as called for by the Secretary General in his report, “In Larger Freedom: Towards Security, Development and Human Rights For All”, based upon the following principles:

  • That the over-arching goal of U.N. reform be to strengthen the ability of the U.N. as an institution to implement and enforce adopted language, free of political influence from individual states or blocs of states,
  • That the relationship between Civil Society / NGOs and the United Nations be advanced further under any such reform, based on the recognition of the positive effect that this relationship has had on the U.N. system and the unique perspective that only Civil Society can provide,
  • That the proposed Human Rights Council not only maintain the strong relationship with Civil Society held by the current Human Rights Commission, but that this relationship be deepened further,
  • And that the Charter language establishing a relationship between Civil Society and ECOSOC be expanded to establish a role for Civil Society in all the major bodies of the United Nations, namely the General Assembly and Security Council.